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Brightwater Residents Association

As we begin the process of maintaining the estate for 2024 we would like to thank all of the residents that paid and supported our efforts last year to keep our part of Crosshaven looking neat and tidy. The fee this year for each property is €75.



For those who are living in rented accommodation please inform your landlord of the collection and that payments are tax-deductible. Alternatively you can forward your landlord’s details to the residents association and we will endeavour to contact them on your behalf. Please email your name, house number, landlord’s name and phone number to [email protected]



Sincere thanks to those that have already paid. Please don’t unsubscribe from the list as we would like to stay in contact for updates. We are also contacting people via WhatsApp in an effort to reduce the time and costs required to make the collections. Thanks for your support.

Click here to pay online via Paypal